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Green Meany

Hook: 10 3x nymph hook

Thread: Olive #6

Rib: Small copper wire

Tail: Olive marabou

Body: Olive chenille

Head: Medium brass bead

The Bah Behr!

Hook: #8 3x streamer hook

Thread: color to match body

Body: Brown or Black foam segmented and x wrapped

Wing: White poly propylene or Black elk hair accented with peacock or root beer crystal flash

Abdomen: Peacock U V dubbing

Hackle: Color to match body

Rubber legs optional

Fish the white wing on sunny days and the black wing on cloudy days. Suspend a bead head nymph (prince, copper john, ect} 3 feet below Bah Behr. Add a pink soft hackle sow bug 12" behind bead head. Yell Bah Behr when fish eat the fly. At Newton fish 2 unweighted midge larva below Bah Behr during spring midge hatch.

Tarpon Egg:

Hook: 15# Galvanized Halibut Hook

Thread: Orange Nylon Twine

Body: One Large Navel Orange

Lay a base of nylon twine (orange).  Insert the hook through the orange.  sew orange to hook with large needle and twine.  Hint:  Cast to rising tarp dead drift with occasional small twitches.

The Articulated Soft Hackle, San Juan Trout Pupa

Hooks:  #18, #16, #10 Heavy Wire Scud Hooks

Articulation: 20# Nylon Backing Colored with Permanent Marker

Thread: Orange #6 Round

Worm Body:  Small Red Chenille Burned to a Taper

Egg Body:  Orange Egg Yarn

Sort Hackle Body:  Pink Sow Bug Dubbing

Hackle: Grey Hen Wrapped Sparsely

This is the most deadly early and late season fly know to man?  The  perfect fly?  Call for tying instructions.

Updated for Humor: April 2005

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